Perspective on Murder

Life can be confusing. And never more confusing than when hypocrisy and lies are blended with facts. The latest pogrom against people who live a biker lifestyle is one of the things that adds to my own confusion. I remember the 1970’s when bikers loved motorbikes and parties and mostly worked hard and had families. […]

New drawings, old ideas

This will be the third time I have rewritten this entry. It has just disappeared twice. I had something like it happen once before and that time my machine was under attack from an American computer security guy who I had annoyed in Yahoo Chat. One way around it was to upload the work every […]

Budgewoi Progress Association

This very old organization is in the throes of dying out. The last few mentions in the local Pelican Itch newspaper about the association written by the members sound a little bitter that there has been no support and no new membership from outside the few aged people traditionally making up it’s numbers. I have […]

Dodo Wireless Broadband

Dodo rang today and offered me a very good deal on wireless broadband. For various reasons I have been keeping dial-up. Whenever I have looked up wireless broadband there has seemed to be no coverage here. The 3G network¬† belonging to Optus is covering us now. One cool thing about the modem. It has a […]

Unpleasant rental trends

My neighbors are two people in their sixties. She is a tough woman and a great neighbor. He is very ill. Between them they are just hoping for the kind of peaceful existence that will not punish therir strength. Nothing stressful. They moved into the house next door with a promise that there would be […]

Biker Peace Talks March-April 2009

The president of the Commancheros has come out and suggested that all the clubs in NSW involved in the friction get together and have a talk. It is a good idea but it carries risks. The NSW Government and possibly the Feds have guys inside these clubs and have been causing some of the agitation […]