A Private Hell

What a disaster! Some people say that we are in hell as we pass through this life. I have some times agreed and other times  resisted because I do not think that suffering is hellish in the sense Christians and other religions speak of it. I am most definitely (in another sense of the word) […]

Anzac day, and my father

On the television the football has started with a parade by the old diggers and the Vietnam Vets. It took me to thinking of my father who was a vet and loved football, Aussie Rules and Rugby League and Union. Dad played, I think, at college or high school level with a country team at […]

Bachelor of Fine Art 1996, 97, 98,

The first Bachelor of Fine Art Course (and almost the last) run by the University of Newcastle in New South Wales Australia was run at Ourimbah Campus on The Central Coast. It began as a course with great promise for me. It offered digital art including some training on Photoshop which I badly needed if […]

Rough Day

Ruth took me to the Bay Village Mall on the day-before-yesterday. The mall was busy. There were parking spots outside but you had to hunt for them among the moving mass of people walking and driving in all directions. Inside it wasn’t so bad. The buildings seemed to swallow a lot of people and still […]

The Mouse in the House

First though, animals and people It was as large as my thumb and had the most amazing purple wings and glossy black body. It had buzzed the full length of my body looking for any stray spiders and then moved off to hunt along the brick ledges around the gardens. An old woman almost bowled […]

Dodo Wireless Broadband, Budgewoi

August 2009: After all the drama below the Product has been smooth and dependable for some time. The cap is still very small but the price suits me. I can only guess that the mass of problems outlined below were teething problems and have been dealt with. It would have been nice if  Dodo had […]