Liquorland Budgewoi

It was a very astute piece of planning that caused the local Wyong Shire Council or some other Government department to allow a Liquorland outlet right at the front of the Cole’s Supermarket at Budgewoi. If you were to mention the existing alcohol outlet at the end of the same group of shops and wonder […]

Manic Spam and Infrastructure Spending

What is it to be manic? Yesterday the cleaner who was replacing the normal cleaner spent a couple of hours here cleaning the house and chatting. Being manic is like being possessed. Some people actually drool as words and thoughts explode from their head without any real intellectual  control. I embarrassed myself yesterday. There was […]

The Kangaroo

The  page before this shows a wall mural with a kangaroo, emu and lightning sister on a wall at the house I rented in The Entrance. The inspiration for that mural was a lecture about Arnhem Land Bark Paintings I gave at Ourimbah Campus in 1996. That inspiration is still rattling around in my head […]

Blue Turtles and Mice

For some reason the drawing for the Blue Turtle painting is not happening easily. The initial vision was to create an x-ray style of design inspired by Aboriginal Art. The next idea was a progression of that one. The people who did X-ray and tribal designs across the world drew things they had experienced and […]

Catching up. 15 May 09

Ruth took me over to the big Bunnings Store at Lakehaven. It became impossible to paint or draw with all of the table tops and desks groaning under the weight of things needing a home. Paint tubes, papers, electrical goods, palette knives, books and cameras all over the place. We grabbed two sets of  “Trade […]

Possum and making art

There was an attempt to build the images that are to go onto the paintings “Hunting Party” and “Blue Turtle” but This house doesn’t seem to have a flat surface big enough for a disabled artist to make drawings on. In the past the floor might have done but not in this body. The house […]