Dreaming of the Doctor

A dream. A little like Charles Dickens’ a Christmas Carol. In this one the ghost came for a doctor. One gave the idea for the other There was a doctor. He was GP I had known in times when I lived closer to Sydney and represented a number of particular doctors I have faced. The […]

Bushfire Hazard Reduction

Budgewoi is nestled between several salt water lakes and the ocean so you might think we have a bulwark against serious fires. The fires last summer ran down into San Remo and local shops were getting ready to evacuate from the heavy smoke. The fires were close and there were hot cinders falling all over […]

Looking back

Scrolled back through all the blog entries although I promised I would not. It is a little embarrassing seeing the waxing and waning of intellectual processes as they are afflicted by painkillers, illness, depression and that ME/CFS. This was brought on by a few things-when my mother reminded me I had been a good poet […]

Experimental Works

Most of the time any really experimental works I do on canvas are painted over. At the moment most of the larger painting recently finished have several paintings under the top image. The reason is that the experiments are loose and uncontrolled attempts to divine the way mediums work rather than the representation of my […]

Kangaroo (Spirit Dancer)

The final name for this new painting has not been decided but it will be one of those two above. I have written about this elsewhere (here) although I did not cover it with any depth. The surfaces and colors represent ancient cave and rock paintings. There are images from some caves and rock niches […]