Big Bitou Burn-off at Budgewoi Beach

Sometime in the afternoon large clouds of smoke appeared on the horizon between Budgewoi and Norah Head. On Scenic Drive between Budgewoi and Norah Head an area of approx half an acre in the old area measurement was alight as Wyong Shire Council, the local Rural Fire Brigade and probably the Dune Care groups fought […]

Habitat destruction disaster

Firstly, too much time was spent riding about taking photos of the dunes near Weemala St. In a lot of pain. The neck in particular is becoming a worry as it takes over from the damaged hips and legs in the regularity with which it presents as a major pain center. I am very worried […]

Bushfires and beaches

Despite being quite chilly there is another small bushfire smoking up the town, This one is at Charmhaven. With the winds being so strong and gusty it must be a nightmare for the fire fighters. I headed out on my little buggy attempting to follow the smoke and get some photos but went with the […]


Sixteen thousand tons of dust per hour are riding on one hundred kilometer per hour winds from Lake Eyre and The Darling in South Australia. They have have travelled more than fifteen hundred kilometers and are filling the air right across the massive state of New South Wales, Victoria and Canberra so far. Flights, ferries […]


It’s been an extraordinary couple of weeks with several calendars online and the first work on show in Red Bubble. I am paying for all the effort with a massive dose of scatteredness and big chunks of absent-mindedness and depression. Bad enough to be scary. One card has been ordered from the stuff on Red […]

Australian Wildflowers 2010

I have been haphazardly photographing flowers and scenery when ever I have been well enough to leave the house and get among it. In the main these have all been in the narrow peninsula at the North Entrance. Especially the Red Gum Forest and areas around Budgewoi like the dunes around Micheal’s Walk off Weemala […]