Huntsman Spider Poster

There is about four years of photography across the images in this poster and it feels very special to have enough work in hand to be able to put it online. Zazzle are a great place to offer the work even if they are not an Australian site, they print and deliver like lightning and […]

Budgewoi Bush Fire

The first fire of the season broke out in Budgewoi today. It was in the grass and dry eucalypts of the little island at the North end of Budgewoi channel. Near MacKenzie Reserve across that bridge from the Lions Club Park. I first saw a big black cloud rising from behind houses across the Halekulani […]

After effects

Bad few days. Setting up the calendars and getting out to take photographs absolutely stripped all my energy. My body has been craving food and my head has been scattered with major memory failures.While I am so scattered I have been on a remote control eating bingeĀ  to try to get back energy (I guess) […]

Public Transport

Why don’t more people use it? In the face of all the information we have about the changing climate and the advantages of a population using less personal vehicles why are people staying away in droves? This is just a brief note covering a very few of the problems facing the commuter. It relates to […]

Magpie gangstas

The Magpies woke me at 6:am this morning. Normally, if I don’t put food out in the morning they will pop in every hour or so and yodel softly at the door. If they are not able to get an answer they go off and return later to repeat the process. It’s mating season now […]

Heart Attack?

How would you know? I had a suspected stroke or heart attack back in 1991 or 92. I had ridden a bicycle about a thirty kilometers in forty degree centigrade heat. I have already noted that there are a pile of painful disabilities in this old body, plus diabetes and some other things so it […]