Heart Attack?

How would you know? I had a suspected stroke or heart attack back in 1991 or 92. I had ridden a bicycle about a thirty kilometers in forty degree centigrade heat. I have already noted that there are a pile of painful disabilities in this old body, plus diabetes and some other things so it […]

Self analysis for now

After several days of frantic photo-shopping and uploading and designing there are two new shops. One showing products built on photographic images while the other is built around drawings and designs. Four new calendars and a lot of the dusty corners in the Zazzle account have been cleaned although more to go. That is the […]

Images and Products

It seems a lot easier to add a Zazzle store to the blog rather than load that all that code and have the whole blog made up of stories about that. A new account has been started on Zazzle to represent the quality photography. The old account sundog_279 will be used for tshirts and Eureka […]

Spiders. 2010 Calendar #2

Some of the small creatures that we share our planet with Spiders 2010 by WeblightStudioView more Lampona Calendars