Teaching religion in schools

Somewhere across Australia there has been a furious debate going on. Some of the religious big-wigs are trying to get control of kid’s minds. They want religious studies back in schools. Like Macdonald’s and the big cigarette companies they recognize their best chance to flourish is if they can program the population from an age […]

Human Swine Flu Panvax H1N1 2009 Vaccine

Outlining the new vaccine for Swine Flu. Two parts to the entry. Notes from the government (part 1) and my thoughts and doubts (part 2) PART 1 The letter from the government about getting the vaccine i’s quite long but I will not add it all. The government has emphasized the importance of vaccinating those […]


It feels like it is changing. It’s the way we look into the future now. The way visionaries write about it has changed. Visionaries are losing their desire to look too far. The great sweeping hope of the sci-fi era is becoming even more apocalyptic. The truth is that our future has infinitely more chance […]

FoxFoto Close-up and Macro Lens Set Review Fuji s5800

The macro setting on my Fujifilm FinePix S5800 was being pushed as hard as it could be pushed and despite being an excellent camera for the purpose I felt I needed a little more depth and power if I could find anything. Looking all over the internet I discovered the FoxFoto set of lenses. I […]

It Broke

The charger for the mobility scooter broke yesterday. It sat on the garage bench cold and without a light and I had a moment of panic. Just a moment! After that I went into shock so I couldn’t feel the panic anyway The big decision was to either call ADSSI and ask for help or […]

St George Budgewoi

What is happening there? Our local St George ATM has been broken for over a week. Westpac has been on the news lately crowing about the fact they have kept St George as it was, looking after us. I don’t remember a machine being broken for more than a weekend before. You have to wonder […]