Damn it has become a little scary. Started getting unwell on Xmas eve, managed to eat some pate, crackers and cherries but then hit the sack. Stayed there most of xmas day and today hoping it would improve but much worse now. I think the bad teeth have gone toxic and there is some blood […]

Budgewoi grocery

It is easy to forget how simple things can affect the baseline for the way you enjoy your day. Looking around the kitchen here I see a bag of tasty tomatoes. There are small, crunchy apples and crisp lettuce in the fridge as well as sweet carrots. These particular bags of fruit and veg all […]

Magistrate declares lying un-Australian

Greg Bird the footballer was back in court for a final time after allegedly glassing his girlfriend. In his summing up of Greg’s alleged lie about his flatmate who was said to have done the glassing the magistrate declared the lie “un-Australian”. Among the things that are automatically included among the list of things which […]

Birdie Beach News

A surfer’s car was broken into and some possessions stolen at the end of Ocean street. Entry to the car was made by breaking a rear window. The break-in was discovered some time after 2pm on Monday 7th Dec if memory serves. This is a quiet little parking spot away from homes and other traffic […]