The Gift

In the still air heat-haze makes the grasses seem to sway in the distant valley. A breeze slips down a hillside and caresses the grasses gently bowing their seed-heads as though in respect. The breeze becomes a noisy miner bird and flitters about me before settling and changing into a smiling child. No child could […]

Life and living in the rental belt

It was surprising but there were appointments at the doctor available. He had a pile of documentation ready for me and we had a good chat about everything. Last year we made one of those GP management plans and this year he had it all caught up to include everything I have been battling over […]

Police Chases. Are they safe?

After more killings during a Police chase this week there have been questions about the Police ability to involve image sourced from a chain email themselves in a chase safely Interesting question. The Police have come up with their standard answers. We have special handlers who call us off when it gets too dangerous. These […]