UFC is good!

Every day now we hear the conservative elites moaning about the brutality of cage fighting and how it should be banned. The UFC might even be a good example for some of our teenagers. Let me try the simplest explanation I can muster here. Australia has a rash of stabbings and shootings, not just among […]

GP Management Plan-Dental

That is what it is called. The constant infections of the gums and bad teeth have been adding layers to the general lack of well-being for a few years. There were three teeth I had to remove myself in sheer desperation. Usually because they became inflamed right in the middle of Christmas holidays. The doctor […]

Dodo wireless broadband strikes again

I went to Beatport and bought five songs to download. My cap had run out on Dodo so I bought a block of 250mb. The first song was taking over an hour to download (33mb) so I checked my account on Dodo and the usage meter there claimed I had already used half of the […]