Its strange the things that excite people. I feel a sense of wonder quite often even in the backyard here. Things as diverse as spiders, bees, wasps, beetles and in this case it is mushrooms. The mower guy has not been able to get here for a bit longer than normal because the weather is […]

Rough Trip….

This image was created back in about 1996 and was an early attempt at large acrylic works with eroded surfaces. This particular work is based on an image by Picasso. (The Acrobat) but the shape is actually¬† Chinese Cloud calligraphy for female. Although the image is simple and naive it was intended to be an […]

Net book report

Mum has had the Asus machine for several weeks now and is not as happy as when she was first using it. Nobody who has used the machine thinks the tiny scroll pad is anything better than diabolical and everyone despises it. Her wireless broadband is constantly impossible to connect or dropping out and last […]