A Fair Go

The farmers and landholders of the Murray Basin have spoken of a “Fair Go” in regards to new initiatives giving water back to the environment. One quote I heard this morning and have almost forgotten asked when in the history of the world had productive land been laid to waste in such a manner (I […]


The pain flowed back in about a week or so back. It has been intense and unrelenting even with the pain-killers. The problem with the pain-killers is that my dosage is watched over a coterie of helpful people who will take them off me altogether if I seem to be using too many and this […]

Mum’s Internet Service Provider

Mum has been trying for months to get her ISP (Optus) to make the Wireless Broadband connection to her home work. She has had almost a total blackout and been unable to even connect to the service. The happy friendly people at Optus customer support have been delighted to make her jump through all kind […]