Night fishing in the estuary or salt lagoon is my preferred style of fishing and there have been two opportunities over the last few weeks. Wednesday morning from midnight to 4am three weeks back and then again on the same night at the same time a week later. The first night was a bit of […]

The computer broke

As it always does right on Christmas. It has done it every year, at almost exactly this date, for a couple of years. It just stayed black-screen when I attempted to start it up. I took it to the local computer guy to have it fixed. Am I happy with how it went down after […]

Thread art..almost

The first rod I ever crafted from a blank is a 7 foot, multi-taper, 5 wrap fiberglass spinning rod. I cant remember the maker The guides were cheap standard rod guides and as it was my first build and  they were also cheap. (Fuji Hard Ring General Purpose Guide BNHG)They are out of production now […]