The plan was to use the next couple of weeks up to the date of the angiography to prepare the house and paperwork in case things went badly. The specialist’s office rang yesterday and wanted to put the day back to the 11th of next month which should have suited me. It might have suited […]

Boom, heart attack

A chest wracking pain has been chewing at my chest since I awoke this morning. I have taken aspirin and fluids. I have also eaten eggs on toast. The meds for diabetes were taken at about 4am with a very small breakfast and low blood sugar may have been a partial culprit for the attack. […]

Budgewoi Gasoline Leak

Over Christmas and just beyond there was a normal smattering of vandals at Budgewoi. Budgewoi is a quiet village sandwiched among the sandbars and dunes of the upper New South Wales Central Coast of Australia. A significant number of the homes and apartments in the area are used as holiday homes and there is always […]

Flat tire

I left home at about 9:15am to get a haircut. Wednesday next week I am due to see the heart specialist and I have not had a cut since Oct so it was looking very untidy. On the way across the bridge and through the bike trails it suddenly slewed to one side and the […]

Defence Force spite

(Spelling and grammar edited by his brother prior to posting Feb 2011) Letter found among Cpl. Robin Solomons possessions after his suicide showing an ongoing pattern of harassment by the Air Force. The incident mentioned in the letter destroyed many lives futures including my own Prior to this letter a government lawyer acting against the […]

Catching up in February

It has been a while since I was in here. My lack of energy and enterprise seems to have a reason however. After I complained of pain in my testicles and bad pain in my chest the doctor sent me over to the nuclear medicine place at Toukley (PPR Diagnostic Imaging). It took a few […]