Dead Windows

After the machine crashed I contacted several local computer repairers from the phone directory. The first to assist was DSA Computers from just up the road. Dave the technician didn’t want to waste my money and recognized how badly I was struggling. He gave me a bunch of things to try before calling him again. […]


I was looking in my Facebook tonight and I noticed an entry that suggested that threatening to leave Facebook was the adult equivalent of running away from home in this era. I thought about that a bit. I don’t know if I agree with that and I tried to get a handle on what I […]

Keeping Busy

After years of being almost prone from fighting depression pain and chronic fatigue a bunch of things have changed. The drugs they gave me after the angoigram helped me back to my feet even before the second round of angioplasty where they put in stints and generally cleaned the plaque out of the arteries. There […]

Modern Life

I have really had enough of this shite. The phone company (Telstra) closed down the little pre-paid land line account I had and changed me over to one of their cheap home accounts. The bill has not been right since they started. They charged me six bucks for voice mail I don’t have and didn’t […]