The Shower Recess

Twelve months or a year ago the flats were sold to new owners. Both of the units were known to have badly leaking showers. The new owners decided to come back about Christmas and fix them. Christmas came and went. It is not a good time for makingĀ  work style commitments. All was quiet on […]

Internet filtering-Zazzle and beyond

It seems we are losing our individual rights to explore the internet and shop anywhere in the world. Corporations have begun to filter the internet by region and limit each region’s users to products, services and information they feel it is appropriate to have. I wish I could tell you just how serious a blow […]

Sea Shells

In the intertidal areas of the Budgewoi lagoon (they call it a lake!) are these long spiral shells. They exist there in great numbers as discarded items and in the sand about the lagoon a fascinating little snail lives its quiet life almost unnoticed. Looking for some symbol of this place led me these innocuous […]