Fast Food Advertising

The Australian Federal Government has recently had talks on the problems we have with obesity among our children. One of the strategies they discussed was banning fast food advertising during the hours children do most of their television viewing. Banning fast food advertising seems to make a lot of sense when you look at the […]

New Drawings and Chronic Fatigue

Finished the last of two new drawings on paper yesterday. One was a drawing of the house and business that used to be Budgewoi Smash Repairs. The whole thing is now just empty ground after the house was destroyed by fire and both buildings demolished. I have not photographed it yet so you can pretend […]

Lawn Mower Guys

This may be one of my top pet peeves. Who trains the guys who come here to mow our lawns? The lawns here are mown by professional lawn mowing dudes. You know, the ones who turn up with the machinery on the trailer and the fluoro work shirts. On one level I really appreciate their […]