The Pain Dance

The macabre run around some doctors give to people who suffer chronic pain. It seems to be about to start again for me. The 30mg codeine and 500mg paracetamol tablets I take for the considerable pain I deal with ran out yesterday. Because I was having a bad day and suffering confusion and weakness I […]

A warning about Steam Online Gaming

Have you ever heard of the Steam online game platform ? I cannot believe how badly I have just been done over.  It looks as though their unsolicited download when I tried to instal may have cost me as much as five hundred or even a thousand dollars in download allowance overruns. I am in […]


There are several things afoot this month. The Art Supplies shop at Toukley is making some new display frames for my drawings. I am keeping to the style of the ones I already have. Silver aluminum about 40 x 50 cm. They will be used to get the drawings of the shells into a gallery […]


Sometimes in the midst of a bleak moment I need to remind myself that I have value. The ways of doing that are strange and varied but lately it seems to help to go over moments in the past and analyze them. They do not need to be big things but just things that have […]