Budgewoi Grocer Closing?

Dave took over the Budgewoi Fruit and Vegetable Market after Leo had had enough a few years ago.  He and Nick cleaned the place up and it has been turning over fresh fruit and veg ever since. There are plenty of articles within my blog (including the last one or so) about how important I […]

Comments Oct 2011

There were a few things said on the radio over the last month that I feel need to be commented on. The first is the attempt by Rupert Murdoch’s corporations to charge for online news comment. It is not that in itself which breeds a need for me to speak but some of the things […]

simple things

Nick the grocer and I spent several moments sharing a joke. He is proud of his shop and tells me which fruit is good. Later when I take the fruit or vegetables I have bought from him they are more. They are the story we shared. They are the joke and they are the promise […]