My doctor was back at work yesterday and I have medication again. In the long run I am left with a problem that is inevitably going to reappear. Any time my particular health professional is not available his associates will surreptitiously dump me in the lurch and without any care about how much damage they […]

Pain Game II

There were only a few pain relief tablets left in the blister pack when I called the doctor to get another prescription. I am sure my doctor used to take Thursdays off but now it seems he has changed to Wednesdays and he was not in. My request for a pain prescription was handed through […]

Australians sold out?

Stephen Conroy just tried to secretly sell off Australia’s political and cultural expression in Asia. The interests and goodwill forged by the Australia Network¬† in that region were to be subverted to the interests of a corporation. It was meant to happen secretly! When it could no longer be kept a secret and Mr Conroy […]


Everything seems a bit heavy at the moment. Lots of family members have been given the warning that their time on earth is nearing completion and its bumming me out somewhat. Theo has been told that the triple heart bypass they did on him back in the 1980s left a bit to be desired and […]