Kill, kill kill!

The estate agent from Ray White at Budgewoi rang today to warn me that the pest exterminator will be coming to spray the unit next door. My next-door neighbour has had White Tailed Spiders in high numbers for several weeks and it is a real worry for her. I asked that the exterminator guy not […]

New Blog

Over the past few weeks another blog has been taking shape (see it here) . I have wanted to distance the information about the town from the stuff about the studio and my life. I was reluctant to take on another one as I have been avoiding even doing the maintenance on many of the […]

Cooling the house

Throughout the blog are entries about the way this house becomes an oven during the summer months. It has taken a while but a number of simple steps seem to have alleviated the worst of the heat. The problem was that there is no insulation in the walls and the sun bakes them on three […]