Pen Drawings; Firestation

About a year to 18 months ago the series Iconic Buildings of Budgewoi was started. I have written about this further back in the blog although it is too far to be sending readers back to find it. Things are quite disrupted now and no work is getting done. Ironically one of the most recent […]

Nothing to hide

Nothing to fear! That is the theory anyway.It was on that basis that the property inspection a year a half ago included an agent who wandered about my house photographing everything! I asked them to stop but was unable to get images returned. The next inspection I asked that cameras be turned off unless something […]


That is the appropriate word for what has happened here. Disbelief! I cannot believe I have worked hard, made immense sacrifices and dealt with killing illnesses to get a tiny nugget of life out of my passion for art and this estate agent has (allegedly, as per the request of Ray White Budgewoi staff)decided she […]


This morning was spent listening to loud music and howling at the sky. I lost it very badly and although things are quieter that is more because I am too exhausted to keep it up. I feel overwhelming rolling clouds of hate crawling up my spine. Last night was partially spent looking into rental properties […]

Notes on moving house

I cannot express the dread I am feeling at having to find the strength to pack up and move the house. I wanted to tell the story of the last move. The one that brought me to this house but it seems too much work. Let me cover a few points instead. Things I have […]


The letter from Ray White Estate Agency of Budgewoi came at about midday today. They have decided I should vacate the property. The letter is a “Vacate possession. No Grounds” You have to wonder at that. Just how badly does the owner want an excellent tenant who has looked after the property and paid rent […]