Old People

A seventy year old woman sits before a window in a retirement village. The man who ran the village has to know and do all sorts of things to keep his position. Being in charge of the lives of one or more vulnerable people is not just something you can trust to anybody. A married […]

Hanging the drawings V

Yesterday Fran drove me to the Toukley Art Supplies to pick up the framed drawings. I was a bit annoyed as I thought I had paid for four of them and they only had dockets for three so I had to leave one behind. I couldn’t find a fourth receipt either so who knows. They […]


Yesterday, waking up was a bit sad. I came out of a nightmare with a pathetic little yelp and a big feeling of being in a bad place. Just a little Valium and the whole bad feeling faded while I was dressing. I will say bout Valium that the rest of the week and next […]

Doing stuff

The community worker came and we went up the bank and hunted up the paperwork for the application for legal aid. I do not understand what happened before. There seemed to have been no ordrer in for the records I have been waiting for. I went in there weeks ago and had them ordered, We […]

Stomach rumbles

This is the bit that makes my stomach hurt. Over the next few weeks or days my life is very vulnerable and in the hands of others. In order to hang onto my tenancy and perhaps what is left of my quality of life I have to pass through this fire of judgement. That would […]

Brown water

I would have liked to sleep all day but things run towards their climaxes. I went up the street and spent some time chewing the fat and drinking coffee with a few friends which I badly needed to do. I was getting jumpy and a little stressed. They all offered to help get the scooter […]