What a day. Mum’s little Asus eeePC 1005p netbook arrived in the mail. She could never work out how to use it as the Windows starter and the small screen are a bit difficult to understand when you have no idea what to expect on a page. She had left the password lock on it. […]

ITunes! #@%$

The mood of the day looked like being quite heavy. The weather was grim. Cloudy and cold. Tomorrow is the day on which both of the Consumer Tenancy and Trader Tribunal hearings are being heard and there is a possibility they will throw me out of here. I cannot see why but it would not […]


The girls at Art World had the framing finished this morning. It was another long ride on the mobility scooter but on the way back these new images were dropped off to the Convenience Store and they look great on the walls there. I will photograph the set when next I have my camera there […]


It was a day of small tasks. The drawing of the Budgewoi Convenience Store was finished and photographed as was the drawing of the Munchies General Store at Budgewoi. The trousers to be worn on Monday for the double Tribunal hearing went into the wash along with some towels and the bed linen taken from […]


The girls from Art World rang to tell me the frames were still not done. They had run out of the aluminium I like on the frames. I should have guessed. All of the drawings have been framed in the same stuff and the only person who would normally have a big stock of it […]


It is getting close to a public holiday and other people want their work finished as well. I cannot get it this afternoon as a community worker will be picking the doctor’s referral up for the spinal scans and I need to be here to sign their work sheet or at least to take the […]