Back to Court

We went back to court for the assault charges yesterday. I have a lot to write about but spending half a day in court has left me painfully injured. It may be I will be back functioning this afternoon but more likely tomorrow. For now it is back to bed and several hours of dealing […]

Cicada Shell

The drawing of the cicada shell is finished. I guess the style is a natural growth from the stippling and the textured surfaces I have been making when I do paintings. It covers most of an A3 page and the ink is pigmented Art Spectrum. I do not know if that stuff is still available. […]

Economic Refugee?

There is a deep sense of isolation right now. Rootless. I do not feel as though I belong anywhere and there is that big stomach curdling feeling of dread in my belly. The domains have been paid up. There are whole bunch of sites I have let get behind. The advertising banners are getting out […]


So the drawing didn’t get started on Friday. Nor did it get worked on today. Most of Friday was spent asleep or reading a book (Dean Koontz; One Door Away from Heaven) This guy has a great writing style. Like Friday today was spent largely asleep. I probably should be worried about that but it […]

Cooler weather

Didn’t do much today. Changed over some books at Halekulani Library. Sat about in front of the bakery on Tenth Avenue with a few guys and chatted over coffee. I will pop over the channel and visit Warren and Rodger on Saturday and grab a coffee over there. I was going tomorrow because I haven’t […]

Auto Erotic

I realise that I have begun to isolate myself. I am grieving for this life. The friends I have only just begun to enjoy here will be left behind if I leave. It is very painful to laugh with people and know that I in a few months I will never see them again. It […]