Images and exhaustion

Tired now. Packing hurts. The part of the sites dedicated to showing a few of the body of works has been extended to a section on Grim City. I put them here It has been a terrible day in many ways. The worst thing has telling people how badly we have been betrayed. Watching them […]

First efforts

There have been a couple of possible new addresses I could try. I am not sure I can stretch the budget though. A couple of applications are in there and the people are aware of the situation. One woman says she has already contacted Ray White for a reference about me. Wow people move fast! […]

The Tenant

I have started and stopped three posts in this section so far tonight. I am too tired and ill to really get my teeth into the things I want to cover but I am burning to make a record of what I believe I have seen and the very devastating holes in the net of […]

So, Tribunal day.

We arrived outside the Tribunal building in the community worker’s car a few minutes before the case was due to be heard. . I took what paperwork I could carry as well as my little blue netbook. The people I know from Budgewoi who were there for the same three cases I was were sitting […]

What a goose!

For a hairy lump of a man I am such a goose. It all happened at once today. The snail mail came in alongside the emails. Among the trash were letters and references from my friends and companions in life. They have kept me in their hearts and offer to take me into their homes. […]

Oh crap!

This is what happens when you push someone until they crash. The big crash this afternoon left me in bed from 3pm but there have been constant ideas forming about the ways to get through all the evidence so I cannot sleep and am up and down every half hour or so. All of last […]