GP Management Plan-Dental

head_1That is what it is called. The constant infections of the gums and bad teeth have been adding layers to the general lack of well-being for a few years. There were three teeth I had to remove myself in sheer desperation. Usually because they became inflamed right in the middle of Christmas holidays.

The doctor had the paperwork to get a dentist onto this management scheme when I went and saw him last time. It was a very big deal for him to be ready with that because I would have forgotten.

The idea is that the patient is assessed by various medical practitioners and there is funding applied to have any serious chronic conditions dealt with. In this case dental care is one of those conditions.

It was a bit difficult to find a Dental Clinic in a position to assist. Many would not accept the voucher system used in this process. Some wanted money up front before the work was done. If I had that the job would have been done long ago.

One took several months to give me an appointment and using their working calendar I suspect a year of dental processes would have followed. Old age also was imminent and they were going to take too long.

Finally I contacted the Kanwal Dental Clinic near the hospital at Kanwal. They were happy to see me fairly quickly and without any dramas. I was given an appointment to see Dr Boag.

The first appointment was X-rays and general planning for how things were to go. The second, two weeks later, was extraction of two teeth and ended up with my mouth full of stitches because the diabetes made the bleeding a  bit too free-flowing.

The worst of the infections has finally cleared up after being a regular feature of one tooth busted off below the gum and another almost destroyed in it’s socket. I have felt for a while that a great deal of the illness imposing itself on life came from that source. I am too ill from the dentistry at the moment to make a decision on that but I am confident the future will bring a small rise in quality of life .

The next appointment was a few days ago and two teeth were removed as well as some fillings. My poor old mouth does not feel good although Doctor Boag is an excellent and painless dentist and the actual dental appointments have passed without any pain worth mentioning.

The ME/CFS is playing up a bit and I am tired all the time, forgetful, weak, shaky and a little depressed. Everyone expected a reaction like this would happen eventually and is relieved that is within bearable limits for me to cope with while living alone. It has become borderline over the last day or so but the community support have promised if I ask for someone to cook or help me other ways they have budgeted for a few days on my behalf.

The next appointment may be the last one needing surgical procedures and after that there will either just be a few fillings or if they are able to be done next week then some dentures. I should be a lot healthier and maybe better able to cope with travel enough to fly to see mum for her 75th.

She did have all these plans for when I came and I have had problems explaining the kind of damage I stand to be doing myself. I have explained again that we will not be shopping, visiting beaches or movies or anything and there is a chance I will struggling to hold a conversation.

It will be wonderful to see her again after all this time, and give her a big hug. I have not seen her since my brother died and I know she has needed someone from the immediate family to hold her and reassure her

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