New Loo at Budgewoi

front-of-looOne of the things I seem to remember hearing about the main street of Budgewoi is that several organizations, including the Budgewoi Progress Association, had begged The Wyong Shire Council to add a toilet somewhere along the strip of shops on the Tenth Ave side of the channel. Over the decades they had given up on the idea.

For the last few weeks the Shire Council have been building something in a fenced off area of the car park directly behind the bakery on Tenth Ave.

Some of us appreciate having a place to take a pee rather than having to lurch all the way home in the middle of  visiting any of the medical professionals along the rear of the strip.

There is a problem!

The doors do not go all the way to the ground! Your knickers are hung out in public for everyone to see while you paint the porcelain. A trial walk-around  suggested that your knickers would be in view from a very long stretch of the footpath in front of the shops.

It might be that I am a glass half empty kinda guy and I have to careful not to sprinkle the negative vibe everywhere but I suspect these toilets may not get a lot of use!

It is a very nice and well appointed loo.


Note: In September the short doors were replaced and the buildings opened to the public. Their success was evident as they were in use almost immediately.

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