The Great Energy Debacle

It must be me. I feel totally confused and befuddled.

Julia Gillard announces that she will be considering a carbon tax. The term “Considering” meaning not that she will do anything but there is a an inquiry into doing something.

The carbon tax tax is not a practical means of doing anything except driving Australians deeper into welfare dependency. It might have been a good idea ten years ago but all that is stopping Australians from going greener and becoming less energy dependent is the lack of cheap technology. Making them pay more for electricity will take the dollars they need to invest in the technology when it appears.

The Premier of Queensland. Anna Bligh has decided her state needs the benefit of a massive Hydro Electric plan that pumps energy from the waters of New Guinea rivers. I guess the people who live there are not considered enough of a force to protect their own lifestyles and culture if Australia wants something.

It comes to a grinding halt and begins to fade into the same paste as the footsteps of dinosaurs. None of it is necessary if we are actively trying to lower our carbon footprint rather than protecting the centralized coal and power industry. We need to treat them in the same way Ford treated horse and buggy manufacturers when he started his mighty production lines.

The reason there seems to be enough technological momentum to say that is because this week a scientist from Newcastle University in NSW went on New Inventors and waved a slice of plastic as thin as a sheet of paper. It was a solar cell. This cell could be hung all over the ceiling and completely free a home from dependency on the grid. Current solar power installations are said to pay for themselves in ten years making them the preserve of the wealthy or the determinately green. The new units look like paying for themselves in two years and may get to paying the buyer back in as little as three months meaning even I could afford to get off the grid. No more power bills at all! Eventually, says our little scientist, we can simply paint this stuff on…maybe. There should be bells and fireworks going off all over the planet. But no! Julia Gillard is having an inquiry into carbon tax… We pay our politicians far too much considering their total lack of vision and ineptitude.

The energy companies will be looking for a way to stop this guy. I almost added they would stop short of assassinating him but if he doesn’t sell them the technology so they can sell it back to us at hugely inflated prices then assassination may on the cards

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