Kill, kill kill!

I may have the only image ever seen of this beautiful spider

I may have the only image ever seen of this beautiful spider

The estate agent from Ray White at Budgewoi rang today to warn me that the pest exterminator will be coming to spray the unit next door. My next-door neighbour has had White Tailed Spiders in high numbers for several weeks and it is a real worry for her.

I asked that the exterminator guy not spray my place at all as I am prone to suffer badly from reaction to chemicals. I also noted that I had a body of small research projects involving small fauna at varous points in the backyard. The spray would kill everything in them for decades before the habitat corrected itself and generated the creatures again.

No, I was told, The owner had called and asked for the entire property to be poisoned and I would just have to like it or lump it. I repeated that my health was at risk from the chemicals and I had spent several years with these small research projects. I even have a web site on the spiders on the property.

I was told again that the place was being sprayed and I had no rights as a tenant when the owner had a desire to get the exterminator in.



Thank you for your call regarding the need to have the unit at xxxxxxxxxxxxx sprayed for spiders.

I have made you aware that I suffer extreme and long-term reactions to chemical presence and have asked that the yard, out-buildings and the entire area of my unit inside and out be kept free of any such sprays and chemicals. As the chemicals may even place my life at risk should they aggravate the significant medical conditions I already suffer you will understand that to continue with such application may involve serious legal outcomes.

I am informing you now that there are several areas within the backyard that are being used as research projects for spider presence in a property of this type and the use of chemicals will destroy the both the habitat and my investment in it. Should spraying go ahead I will make every effort to have the investment in time and resources appraised and recuperated from your office by any means available.

Thank you for your good will.

Have a nice day.

Happy New Year
Most of the time I have to bite my tongue as all of the mentally challenged around me shudder at every sign of a critter like spiders or wasps or any of the things we share our habitat with. SHARE, want me to say it again, SHARE! If you think it is a good thing that all the bitey, crawley critters in the world are poisoned by pest exterminators. Bugger off! You do not have the mental capacity to be reading this! I am also eternally glad that my neighbour in the next unit is such a good neighbour and even if she doesn’t understand my passion she is happy to have me follow it in the yard we share.
Friday (the next day after all the above happened) I had been in bed ill all day when her from next door knocked and we had a chat. The estate agent had informed her that her visit from the exterminator had been put on hold because I had complained and they were writing me a letter to tell me they had changed their mind and only wanted to poison her flat. They didn’t seem to mention to her that I had stated I understood the need to get her place done. It is not nice to have a bunch of deadly spiders in your clothes and bedding after all! Perhaps they did mention it. Doesn’t matter.
We do not talk often but we cover all and any ground that concerns either of us so all is fine there. I was going to send an email covering he fact that I am aware the other flat will have to have a pest spray and am resigned to the fact but it would seem to be clear both in the email and my face-to-face chat with them. Nice! I feel better now.

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