Doing stuff

The community worker came and we went up the bank and hunted up the paperwork for the application for legal aid. I do not understand what happened before. There seemed to have been no ordrer in for the records I have been waiting for. I went in there weeks ago and had them ordered,

We went to the post office and had the documents for the Tribunal sent by registered mail. The usb is fixed. That was my own silly fault rather than a problem from Dodo. Sorry Dodo. It just needed a clean where it connects. I have really excellent line speed now, you guys must have improved he service around here quite a bit while my modem was getting all grotty.


Robby in Vietnam

We went to the cycle and mobility aid store but Craig was not there. I didn’t think he would be, he is a busy guy. I had the invoice for the tire repair cancelled and bought a tube for the tire. It meant I had to work on the scooter when I got home. I had been walking too far and the pain and physical damage has reached implacable levels I tried to lay down later but as soon as the weight is off my legs they cramp up brutally. I needed to be in a much better place by this time with all the standing and walking of court still to face tomorrow.

We went and grabbed some cord to hang the drawings with. I think they thought I was hurrying the framing and I sensed a little stress. They were surprised that I did not know people used the twine now but fact is I have been using a supply of brass wire for years and when that ran out I was using stripped electrical wire. I like the twine though.

Tomorrow is Robby’s birthday and a powerful emotional time for us all without there being a court case to face. I love you my brother and we miss you every day.

My body has started to let me know of its displeasure at being pushed too hard. Bowels and belly have decided to give me a bad ride tonight and are making painful motions. My legs have swollen and become stiff and I am battling to get to my feet so I can iron my shirts for tomorrow, and then pull together some paper work and some digital video in case we are forced to fight the case. The soft tissue damage is still painful and I have a chest pain that I cannot tell from the other aches. My head feels foggy and there is something like tinnitus in my ears. I needed to be feeling a bit better than this the night before a court case.

Getting through it a bit later, shrugged a lot of the bad stuff off although the tummy is still queasy. Better!

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