cicada shell, another model for a drawing some time

cicada shell, another model for a drawing some time

Yesterday, waking up was a bit sad. I came out of a nightmare with a pathetic little yelp and a big feeling of being in a bad place. Just a little Valium and the whole bad feeling faded while I was dressing. I will say bout Valium that the rest of the week and next week I will not be going near the stuff. It can just be too dangerous to get used to it. A burgundy collared shirt, burgundy and gold tie, grey silk and viscose business pants and black business shoes. The shoes have a post of their own way back. They were rebuilt for my damaged legs back in October a year ago.

The community worker picked me up at 8:30 am. I like wearing the old business clothes every now and again. We went in and all the court stuff like letting them know that I was looking for adjournment. My case worker arrived at 9:30 and sent the community worker on the way and we were called in about 10:am and about by about 10:15 having obtained an adjournment until the 18th April. That is a lot sooner than I wanted and my case worker (who is an old hand at escorting aged and disabled to court) says it is sooner than she was used to seeing or expected. The whole court seemed to be run by women and I am making no comment beyond that on that.

I was told the applications for legal aid can take up to six weeks to process and we were only given three and one week of that will be getting the document prepared so I dunno!

Walking really made me hurt but the body issues from yesterday have eased a lot and that is an improvement. The case worker stopped at Macdonalds for me. I have bot been to a fast food store more than once or twice in the last decade and had been muttering about needing a fix the last few times I had seen her. We got home about midday and i scootered up the street to the Bakery and had a coffee with Davey and his friends. Then I rode over to the convenience store and spent a few minutes chatting but the weariness was advancing. I went home and to bed by about 3;pm. I was just too knackered to hold my head up any more. I will about today later, I am as tired and with the first court hearing out of the way I keep wanting to fall asleep all over the place. That is not a bad feeling at all especially if I actually manage to get some rest!

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