Old People

Vox Mechanika, photographed under glass hence all the reflections

Vox Mechanika, photographed under glass hence all the reflections

A seventy year old woman sits before a window in a retirement village. The man who ran the village has to know and do all sorts of things to keep his position. Being in charge of the lives of one or more vulnerable people is not just something you can trust to anybody.

A married couple decide that they want to have an investment for their retirement years. They buy a house.  The house has been the home of a tenant for ten years or more. She is now seventy years old and very vulnerable. Her neighbours take out her rubbish and pop in for a cup of tea. Her doctor, the same one she has been seeing since she was fifty is a few streets away. Everybody she knows who is still alive is within a block of her house. She gets services from an aged care group who limit their footprint to within that shire. The couple who have bought the house decide the old lady is lowering the value because she is not able to keep the lawns and gardens in a way they think their wondrous new purchase deserves. They terminate her tenancy. It is not a legal issue because they have given her the correct time to get out.

She asks for help. Like most places close to services the area has been gentrified since she moved in and there are no suitable residences within the shire that are not well outside of built up areas. Her aged care service approach the Housing Department. There are fifty thousand people on waiting lists and a twenty year wait. She dies during the stressful period of home hunting like so many elderly and ill before her. Despite the fact that any reasonable person would have predicted she would be unlikely to find a suitable home anywhere practical and that the effort would be the sole cause of her death no-one is charged with her wrongful killing!

Fifty thousand on the waiting list and a twenty year wait for most of them is actually weasel speak for the fact that most of the homes we created for our vulnerable and needy were sold so the state government could add the cash to their general revenue and not show a bad financial sheet at elections. Right now is a time the Australian people and governments will try and write out of their history. It is a shameful period in the history of the Australian community. People can buy a home and destroy the life of other people without doing anything but having the money or getting the loan for the bricks and mortar. Our government has sold our heritage and much of our safety net to finance their awful financial management knowing that when the blood finally runs (figuratively) they will be long gone from office and under the protection of standing politicians who will want their sins forgiven in the future as well. Business and migrant leaders as well as shameless politicians push a massive migrant intake into this as though all that matters is their immediate concerns and incomes. And those of you who are lucky enough to be free of the pain so far sit on your hands and think the good life you have was somehow obtained by all the people before you sitting on their hands and ignoring the passing parade of damaged humans and towns and cities. Unless you are Rupert Murdoch or one of the elitist sub-culture that pretend to be authorised by god to crap on us from a great height you will not escape this. Every Western country on earth is being ravaged by financial institutions and world banks. First-world countries are becoming second and the middle-class is being abolished.


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