Northlakes United Rugby Clubhouse at Budgewoi. Ink stipple

Northlakes United Rugby Clubhouse at Budgewoi. Ink stipple

It is getting close to a public holiday and other people want their work finished as well. I cannot get it this afternoon as a community worker will be picking the doctor’s referral up for the spinal scans and I need to be here to sign their work sheet or at least to take the papers from them.

Small businesses develop bad habits and we all know that and if you are able to plan around the habits you can continue to do business with them. I am not really sure what is going on though.

The apartment is a shambles and in the process of big changes. There is no real security for renters. I have been scanning the advertisements for properties across the state and there is not one place I can physically fit into that I can also afford. Certainly nothing it is practical to move to. A one bedroom hovel will not hold the art or the furniture or the tools. Anyway that is not the point.

The point is that I am a very ill person with all sorts of skeletal disabilities and I cannot pack in a few months and still have a functioning life so I am going to try being permanently packed with everything in boxes. Many boxes will be propped on their sides and contain things I use like books, art supplies and DVDs etcetera. That way when the next nasty vindictive little termination from the agent comes I just close the boxes with tape and stand back for the packers to carry it off to storage. I will get rid of the book shelves, desks and cupboards I have as well as the bigger chairs. At the moment I think I will just have a spare plastic chair for visitors and a computer chair for me so I have more room for boxes.

There is new software downloaded onto the computer. The usb camera is now able to be started by a motion sensor, or take timed video and shots. It records video and sound and loads them onto the internet as they occur. It has all sorts of available file types and image qualities if I need them. The estate agents have (due to complaints by Ray White Budgewio I must say) allegedly verballed me on what has gone on here during their inspections and they have done it several times. I imagine some law enforcer will see their repeated efforts to eventually create a pattern that will get me in jail or losing a tribunal case. I need evidence and I need to keep them honest and as they are (I am not allowed to call people weasels on the internet as someone may believe me and make them suck eggs so I have removed the reference) having digital footage is the only way I can think of to be sure. The software I am trying out is called Contacam and it looks good so far. There are a number of cheap little spy cameras on the internet and I will be putting these in spots about the house as I can afford them. They have remote controls so I can set them off from my key-chain. There is also a set of cameras around a central remote control I am trying to design and afford that is intended to be placed on the mobility scooter. They (allegedly) beat me up while I was along side my little scooter and in future even if I am dragged away or the cameras destroyed the systems I am looking at are like the unit now in the computer and I may be able to get them to transmit onto the internet so their destruction will not cause a loss of evidence as well.

Oh, “you are paranoid.” complains the little voice in my head that still gives a shit about what people might say. Am I? I seem to have have spinal damage and damage to my hip, pelvis and shoulders from being body-slammed by those good natured and friendly fireman (yes, Ray White have asked me to be a lot nicer to them and their alleged allies)and the person that (allegedly) set it all up got to throw punches and kicks before getting me charged with assault because I was too deep in shock to defend myself. I didn’t know it was going to be physical. Now she is verballing (allegedly :D) me on everything I did to stand up to them as though I am in some way a monster. One outcome of the court case might be that I lose and get up to SEVEN years for assault! Or a fine that will wipe out my life and kill my ability to move house or community service I can not possibly do. Believe me as some people shake their head doubting how a crippled and ill person would be treated that way in court. I am already treated that way !This time I have photos, emails, video footage. Next time I want seven camera angles and paperwork and every word said in this or any other apartment I am in by anybody. There have been people making me out to be a liar or some kind of evil cretin for my whole life and I have been carrying audio recorders for several years but they are not enough if the attacker is just grunting and huffing as they beat shit out of you. I need to have all of the devices controlled by small remotes so my friends and casual meetings are not recorded but anything that starts developing can be immediately caught without any obvious move on my part.

There seem to be enough devices ready made and on the shelf so there is no need for me to plan a lot of circuitry. It will be enough to work out the wiring from the batteries of the scooter to a central, radio-control with a remote starter on a key ring.

I hope this is less threatening and more respectful to legal niceties as per demands by Ray White staff Budgewoi. We humans  would not want the people who are (allegedly) risking me being homeless and perhaps (allegedly) facing a slow and painful death from all this stress and effort not to mention (not at all allegedly) having my little art business destroyed before it got off the ground and (not at all allegedly) losing all my medical and community support and the friends I have taken all this time to find to feel anything less than good about themselves.

And now after spending a day catering to the immense effort of being at a hearing with all the paperwork and in a far off town, and after spending hours going over past blog entries on behalf of the fragile sensibilities of the Ray White Budgewoi Staff I hurt all over and need to sleep. Au reviour or whatever the French dudes say and however they spell it!

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