Doodle, For an idea about a series of suburban streetscapes

Doodle, For an idea about a series of suburban streetscapes

The girls from Art World rang to tell me the frames were still not done. They had run out of the aluminium I like on the frames. I should have guessed. All of the drawings have been framed in the same stuff and the only person who would normally have a big stock of it would be the manufacturer. So they are off the hook. I guess they didn’t tell me because they didn’t have a delivery date. Been there done that!

The doctor put through a referral for some spinal imaging. I am not sure how it went yet and I am inclining towards concern and a little annoyance. I had several places on my back actually marked as being damaged areas and I have been working on getting that done for a couple of weeks so I did not once again end up with a handful of x-rays and scans showing all the wrong bits. I took paperwork that described all the pointless x-rays they took looking for breaks in the soft-tissue damage. The technicians ignored all of that. I had no need to get my ribs x-rayed again and I said that but she did it anyway and to make matters a little more interesting after I had showed her my texta marked damage and she photographed somewhere else entirely she asked which bit of the bit she was photographing hurt. She seemed annoyed when I said none of it!

They scanned my neck again which is good. I have a much raised amount of pain and difficulty there although I wonder if anyone will bother with a comparison to the old images and I will be asking about that and making a fight of it if they try and tell me it is just the way it is. I either want the bloody x-rays and scans so I can store them or I want them to keep them available so someone else can do it. They treat you as though they are handing out some precious commodity they have saved out of their own private stores of rare treasures and you are too stupid to have a say in its use. I want the painful spots on my back scanned, x-rayed or whatever it bloody-well takes to see the damage which is absolutely there. Tomorrow might make me seem foolish if the damage shows up but I am almost safe enough using past experience to be sure that it will not show up using these methods.

Today is the big day of bitching. We did a quick jaunt around to Lakehaven Mall to see if there were any pants like the ones I have or any decent polo shirts as the last one I have is wearing out. The clothes they have in that mall are bloody insulting. The big stores carry a range of someone’s cheapest and worst crap. Muddy colours, bad cut and prices that seem cheap until you realise nothing cost more than a few cents to make.

I wanted a nice polo shirt and a pair of tough, baggy, cargo pants. They will tell you they have those things in the store and they almost do. They have cargo pants that are badly made, with ugly design and cheap materials in those muddy colours I have already spoken of. That is all of the stores who supply those things for big men. The polo shirts were only available in one store and were the cheapest possible cut with the thinnest material and the shortest sleeves so the manufacturer can save on cloth. The people who make this stuff and push good suppliers out of the market are a bunch of absolute bastards. This stuff is such a load of crap that it ends up being in landfills the same season it is made and tons of it are never bought.

The community worker who was helping me about was a bit annoyed at my lack of gratitude. For her it was important that things were cheap and she was happy to go shopping at the beginning of every season and buy rubbish that would be useless by the next year. I am happy to do without luxuries so I can buy stuff with that has a good cut and sits well on my body. I like that bslightly affluent feeling of polo shirt sleeves that hang to my elbows and a shirt that does not make my body look like I was desperate to get some covering over it.

I like pants that hang well and pockets that hold things without digging into my legs and I even like pants that do not have a whole bunch of fake add-ons made to look as though.. well..I have never worked out why they add sewing and fake joins and tight little pockets that hold nothing. Maybe it is to keep that great Chinese population in work.

I would like a nice pair of really good track suit pants. My last good pair lasted almost ten years and that whole time they looked good enough to suggest that I was wearing clothes I cared about. Not the tracksuit pants that suggest you ran out of pants and needed some cheap cloth to cover your ass on a cold day. I do not where I will get track pants. It seems they have gone out of style and as we only get what the manufacturers find convenient I guess I will internet them and just hope the sizes are alright.

While I was typing all that the doctor’s office rang and told me they have seen the x-rays and there are no problems with my back… BULLSHIT…There are problems with my back and they didn’t look. I am going off now. I need to scream and swear a lot and I don’t want a lot of that in my fucking blog! The words TOTALLY BLOODY INCOMPETENT rise to the top of my mind as I wonder how in the hell they missed the sites I have been dealing with all this time and have checked and double checked to reassure myself I was not making it up

So, the doctor rang me straight back as soon as he got my furious email. He is sending me the conclusions of the radiologist (I knew I would remember what they were eventually) and spent ten minutes of his very valuable time informing that even with an MRI there is no guarantee of getting any more information. I will follow some other paths and see if there is a severe physical change.

Thank god for the video footage. I applauds my good sense in having someone watching that day!

Wow, reading back a few hours later and I can see how upset all this is making me. This entry is close to being garbled nonsense!

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