Doodle, pen and ink on paper

The girls at Art World had the framing finished this morning. It was another long ride on the mobility scooter but on the way back these new images were dropped off to the Convenience Store and they look great on the walls there. I will photograph the set when next I have my camera there and put a pic in here. I still have to get a shot of the building although he only wants it for his business card and I have a good shot from before I might drop over there if I feel better tomorrow.

I guess I could have hung around over the other side at the shop but I am deep tired of the kind that makes me a little stupid and scattered. The injuries to neck are causing it to hurt a lot when I do things like taking long rides on the scooter. It feels very fragile. I was already hurting a bit when I left this morning.

There is work to be done here anyway if I can stand keeping upright in a chair and drawing. There are big canvasses to be made up and others just to be prepared. Well there is one of each anyway. There probably will not be a lot done. The immediate urgent thing to do now seems to be to sleep. The body demands I sleep and the eyes slowly get heavier. So nothing more will be done as I have done all and more than my body can do today.

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