ITunes! #@%$

Pen and ink doodle on paper

Pen and ink doodle on paper

The mood of the day looked like being quite heavy. The weather was grim. Cloudy and cold. Tomorrow is the day on which both of the Consumer Tenancy and Trader Tribunal hearings are being heard and there is a possibility they will throw me out of here. I cannot see why but it would not be the first surprise to pop up in this life.

It seemed a good idea to play some tunes. When spirits are low there are two major types of music used to lift my spirits. One is electric (electronic?) house music or doof doof and the other is baroque.

Because the neighbours are home and doof doof needs to be loud baroque seemed to be the thing. Vivaldi or Bach. In this case there were some fragments of Vivaldi’s four seasons I had downloaded off itunes before so I thought I would buy the rest of the album. At the time I bought that I only had the money for about six of a dozen fragments on the album.

No problem. I logged in to iTunes and went into the shop. Finding Antonio Vivaldi and the album I had partially downloaded was no problem. I went to pick the parts I do not have and a pop-up menu appeared.

According to the menu I do not have my security questions filled out and in order to get the files I wanted I have to set up that part of my security. That seemed to be fine. It was fine until I looked at the choice of security questions I was limited to.

Who was your first teacher? Say what? How the hell was I expected to know that I would need to know that? I have no idea!

Where were you an such and such a date in 2000? What!? I have no idea where I was.

I think there was even one about who was the first person I kissed or where was my first kiss. As much as that girl may be disappointed in me I cannot remember. I could not answer one of the dozen questions in three boxes they had limited me to using.

I do not want to answer that I do not know as I feel there is every chance hackers of anybody’s security will be onto the fact that those answers are the most commonly used.

Did I mention that there is new iTunes software and to be up to date and get the best service and maybe avoid the security questions all I have to do is waste time downloading and installing it. Bloody hell all I wanted to do was listen to some comforting music!

I wrote a letter complaining and saying how angry it made me and that I did not have answers for those questions. Now, did that mean they have now read into my email that I am trying to hack into my own account? Are they just annoyed that I would question their holy iTuniness? Something happened because the connection slowed down so much I was unable to get a line speed of more than a few hundred bits which is many of thousand times slower than broadband speeds.  I could not get from my account back into the shop in ten minutes. What now?

iTunes is uninstalled and I am looking elsewhere. iTunes is like magic when it works but it never works for me without fuss. So fuss off!

I didn’t head over to the store today. The problems that have appeared at the neck since that altercation a couple of months back are worrying me. Some of the pain is relentless and the tummy issues are on and off but I seem to be weakening and finding simple tasks more difficult. I am not sure if resting up for a few days is going to give me the relief it has in the past.

I am still managing to get to the shops for groceries and things, They are the end of my street. I am able to do less and less each time though and paradoxically have to go back to the supermarket and bakery etcetera more often.

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