Economic Refugee?

Ink Doodle

Ink Doodle

There is a deep sense of isolation right now. Rootless. I do not feel as though I belong anywhere and there is that big stomach curdling feeling of dread in my belly.

The domains have been paid up. There are whole bunch of sites I have let get behind. The advertising banners are getting out of date on most of them now and I keep getting messages telling me I am not making any money on them, I didn’t make any money on those when I had the new banners!

There were changes to the servers. Some of them were moved from the US to local servers and then the whole package was changed. That group of sites required different treatment and I have not had time to get to them. I have been putting that off as there are now several different criteria to learn. Being self-taught makes a the changes a bit daunting to get on top of.

So far most of the places I can afford to move to seem to be tiny little hovels with no storage or place to work on drawings and paintings.

I have noticed that homes in New Zealand seem to be a better price. There were a lot online that would be great for a studio and they were well within the prices I could pay with some left for equipment and postage etc. I don’t know anything about the place though. I don’t know about the cost of getting my stuff over there. I don’t have anyone to help me get about when I get there.

For the moment that is the elephant in the room. I would be stuck at a bus stop until I rotted away if I had nobody to help me. I suspect that the places I am looking at in New Zealand are no more problematical to get to than those I can afford here though.

Started the drawing. I don’t know if it is working or not. I suspect I may be working too small and should go to A2 sheets or larger and get some use out of that projector.

Damn it. Reading back over the last few posts. Am I getting a little crazy? It has been edited so maybe it makes more sense.

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