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The blood suckers forget to even pretend they care what happens to us

The blood suckers forget to even pretend they care what happens to us

Tired now. Packing hurts. The part of the sites dedicated to showing a few of the body of works has been extended to a section on Grim City. I put them here

It has been a terrible day in many ways. The worst thing has telling people how badly we have been betrayed. Watching them process the information has been horrible. The look on their faces as they realise first that I was betrayed and then, if I cannot get protection, there is no protection for them either. Suddenly their world feels very fragile and unsafe. They cannot trust the people with the keys to their apartments and homes. They cannot trust the Tribunals and courts. They cannot trust the Police or the fire brigade. They have been listening to my story and even though I have told a lot less of it than has occurred they knew. There were witnesses to all of this. As I pack my life and all my projects fall to dust and my work is wasted and my health declines they see themselves trudging this painful way.

They take a moment to look into the real estate websites across Australia. They refused to believe me when I told them how hard it is to get somewhere suitable. They refused to believe that someone could do this sort of thing to a person with my handicaps. Their mouths fell open in horror when they heard what the Tribunal has done. Now they know. They thought they had to do something wrong to get their leases cancelled and tenancies terminated. Now they know they just have to be less than nice to their estate agents. Watching the realisation travel through their minds has been uncomfortable for me. Watching the guilty relief on the few who own homes has been embarrassing. Listening to the conversations about declining places in caravan parks and how little consideration a government must have to allow that and other things. It has been a sombre day. I like these people and I feel as though I have darkened their lives. That must be the final irony. Those people they were feeling sorry for on TV could become them at the drop of a hat and there is nothing any of them can do to stop it.

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