koala011Good Morning Australia. Oh enemy of mine!

Fat verminous toads of despair sustained by a golden land that should have been filled with hope and charity. Rape the land and rip the people. Suck the swill from your bristles and hide behind your office.

Pain. My legs are just pain today and my whole soul wishes to sleep and rest and eat and think no more of the evil blight on my life. I awoke fighting back tears. During the night I was assailed by a nightmare of the days I was homeless on the streets and shores of the Central Coast. Those mornings I awoke cold and my injured body warped by pain. Several times I tried to take my life out of horror and despair. I was hungry. Walking to a place I could get food was a tormented effort and then back to a safe place to sleep.  Hiding by a public toilet or old house in the winter cold waiting until no one could see me limp the painful few feet out of sight and then to sleep on floor or sit upright on a toilet.

May you rot in the hell of a thousand butt-buggering telegraph poles all of you betrayers who call yourself my countrymen. May your blood and shit be ripped from your fat, greedy souls and sprayed across everything you care about as you have done to me. May all of the vulnerable you have betrayed use your face as a carpet to aid their walk through hell and the skin on your tongue as endless rolls of toilet paper for their unwashed and quivering buttocks. May you live to see your children betrayed and destroyed while your pleas fall on deaf ears and your hearts shrivel just like our parents and family do.

My curse upon you, you treacherous bastards.

And God Morning Australia. The picture to the right is a quicky. With it I give you the bird. Today I must pack and call people with homes I will not be able to rent in a country that has become treacherous and an incomprehensibly nasty shit hole.

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