Cyber cam

Cyber cam

This is the Cyber-cam, mini series, digital video camera with 4X zoom and a 12.0 Mega Pixel still cam. It runs a D1(720 x 480) video format at 30fps. It takes up to a a 32GB SDHC card and can run for hours on that. It has a sleep timer. It is a cheap. light and quick to use little camcorder.

It came from a supplier on Ebay and was under $40 including postage. We tested it yesterday and it seems to work very well. It is much easier to use than the tiny key-ring cam I have had on me the last few weeks and has a better range of functions than the little Dictaphone I was carrying before that. I will probably still try and get some form of button-cam in the future. I would hate to think that people who were trying to set me up would be intimidated by a camera and stop their activities.

This new machine should take care of the constant slandering by a certain person I should not mention but we all know who I am talking about. He is constantly trying to set me up as though I am initiating a pattern of abusive behaviour and he has no compunction about lying to do it. It might stop him stalking me in the streets of little Budgewoi trying to get a reaction he cam blow up into something the law might be fooled into thinking was threatening.

Several hours of recording on this little machine still makes a file that is easy to handle and store so now I can store every minute of my wandering to the shops on my mobility aid. Oh yes, I use a mobility aid. This person who is so sensitive to publicity has applied for an Apprehended Violence Order on a man who can barely stand! Of course his big issue is with the Journal. He cannot escape it. He wants to be able to attack me in secret so he squirms and complains and yells that the journal is bad.

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