IP cam in the bathroom. It sits right beside the job they were supposed to be taking care of

IP cam in the bathroom. It sits right beside the job they were supposed to be taking care of

The workers turned up at just after twelve. It was Aus Cut again and I had asked the property managers not to use them while I was still here as their boss thinks this is some kind of crusade to crush the evil tenant and has no respect for anything I say. He has become quite treacherous and confrontational considering I pay the god-damned rent here.

The young guys looked embarrassed and I hate having to put them in a spot like this but I remind myself that actually I didn’t put them here nor did I make it necessary to record every entry with an array of cameras. I feel better now.

The first thing the guy did when he arrived was to send his boys down the back to hack down my native violet garden. I asked if that was under orders from the property manager. There are people who areĀ  too treacherous to let in here without recording and monitoring? The little mini cam was in my hand but I had a few troubles with it and changed the Fuji 5000. It is not really meant for video but it will capture it at about the same quality. It will just take all day to download off the camera to the hard drive. The mini cam still grabbed everything it was supposed to. I think I ran out of space on the memory card. New one in the mail

window-camThe window cam is an old Fuji running directly into the Asus eeePC netbook. I think I have it set up to load the files straight onto the net. I was getting affirmatives from the guy I had monitoring it anyway. That will have to be viewed and processed. The idea is to put all of the footage onto big drives or memory cards depending on how big they are. Then we will produce short films that show the general tenor of the event such as the moment the big guy tried to get his boys down the back yard to vandalise the garden. Or when I had to demand he stop throwing my stuff into the bin. As to the young guys. They acted as one would expect a couple of young guys in an unfortunate situation. they were fine.

Front door cam and surveilance notice

Front door cam and surveillance notice

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