Primitive Broadband

It sounds like an oxymoron. Primitive Broadband! The way we treat bill payment and our broadband use is primitive however.

Most of the people I know share their broadband with their children and don’t have any idea of the bandwidth used until they hit the limit or the month is over. In this day and age that is a primitive way to account and control the usage of your important resources.

It is even worse with electricity and mobile phone bills. The companies may assist you by supplying a contact where you might, with persistence, get your details and updated usage. That too is highly suitable to them, a waste of time to you and quite a primitive and unsatisfactory way to assess and control your resources and assets.

The only way to have a proper understanding of where your money is being spent and thus control over it’s output is have a moment by moment assessment on the screen of whatever device is using those resources. That is not so easy with electricity and will take time to implement but with mobile phones and internet access that lack is a condemnation of the corporation’s attitude towards consumers.

It is time to approach the legislators with the need for a legislated approach to these important matters.

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