Dodo Hacks Browsers

June 2010. There were more entries over the next year more drama but eventually I upgraded to a bronze account and convinced them to change the way the notifications worked. The speeds are still a problem but that is this place rather than their service so far

(August 2009: I notice Dodo now has a way to enter your account management page and opt out of this “service”. I will leave this in place as it is a Journal of things in my life and not a product review of Dodo’s.)

(12 July 09 Dodo seems to have improved their redirect page so it does not interrupt other things. I can live with that! Leaving the page below in place though as a part of the history! Dodo seems to react to criticism if it is fair enough even though their support staff leave a person gnashing their teeth thinking they have not been heard. I might be wrong about them!)

Wireless Mobile Broadband.  Dodo is hacking into browsers and trying to justify spamming their customers and disrupting their communications by subverting the redirect page which is meant to do nothing more than inform a customer they have have reached their limit.

The attacks happen every night from the day the  bandwidth cap is reached to the moment it resets or the customer is bludgeoned into buying blocks of data. No matter where you are on the net. No matter how disruptive the event is Dodo will attack the browser of those customers trapped into using the product

One customer’s experience over a few nights include the hack-package taking control of their browser and freezing it for half an hour. It hacked into the payment of a bill on a supposedly secure site. Another day there was the loss of weeks of work and money as the redirection page attacked during a period the customer was on a a site where events were in real-time crisis. While they fought to get through the Dodo advertising gauntlet their efforts were wiped away.

The Dodo hack-software totally takes over the browser and forces the user to a Dodo site which is little more than a blatant attempt to psych desperate users into paying more for data blocks to make the page let them go. You would have to be a very naive user of the internet to have not experienced the many TINY pop-up windows which other companies use to tell their respected customers of changes in the account or software

Dodo reassures their customers that there is a button which “continues” the redirect out of the freeze zone. This leads to a huge advertisement for mobile phones which is a spam attack no matter how the Dodo corporate spin doctors describe it!

Dodo has always been an aggressive and possibly dishonest marketer.

Personal experience from the past included several weeks when Dodo Marketing personnel phoned every day to sell the same product. There were heated arguments of the oddest kind due to the fact that the personnel were from a foreign call center and in those days their accents were so strong the only words that could be clearly defined were “Dodo” and my name!

After being asked to repeat themselves and being faced with my obvious non-comprehension they would get stressed and I would beg them to stop calling until they had someone I could understand. They would not stop calling! I was very ill at the time and it felt like some purposeful attack against any peace I might get. Eventually they were calling several times a day.

Finally the phone was left off the hook for several weeks. A disastrous outcome in the life of a seriously disabled and ill man. During the period the phone was off the hook the number was included in a do not call site and Dodo was contacted and reminded that calling the number once it was on the site was a criminal offense

One sales person from Dodo called to say that they were an account manager for Dodo and had been given  instructions to move me to another package as the old one was was no longer being maintained. The sales person was questioned for some time to give assurances that there were no changes to the account apart from some administrative changes only Dodo would be affected by.

Later a bill came for a mobile phone account with the other account latched onto it somehow. It took a number of calls and service people to get the whole thing put back and while they were polite every attempt was made to point out that the change back to the original account was unwelcome and I was only being foolish.

The Dodo email address is known to friends all around the world and has been used on documents for five years or so. A disabled person struggles to keep their connections with those people they depend on. It is to my deep regret that Dodo remains the ISP in my life

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