Kangaroo (Spirit Dancer)

spiritdancerexample_bThe final name for this new painting has not been decided but it will be one of those two above. I have written about this elsewhere (here) although I did not cover it with any depth.

The surfaces and colors represent ancient cave and rock paintings. There are images from some caves and rock niches that are breathtakingly beautiful. Over tens of thousands of years generations of people have made images in the same place and that sense of overlain time, history, spirit and decay touches me deeply.

We will never understand the images and culture of the people who were before in the way they understood themselves. My own ancestors have been been here five generations and the spirits of the land touch me in their own way.

We have the opportunity to expand our understanding of the spiritual unequaled by  any people who came before this time.

We (the newcomers here in Australia) are not bereft of spiritual contact with the ancient things no matter what the armchair theorists and cultural nazis would wish to convey. All over the planet people have kept their closeness with life and the earth alive despite the pressure to abandon it and let priests of the various dogmas insulate us from it.

Some of the symbolism in this painting is from the Lascaux Caves and mostly it has been changed so that it will do no more than represent the works of other cultures. It is not meant to BE a work of aboriginal or ancient cave art.

So far nobody who has seen this work actually likes it and there will be changes to the surfaces and finish before it takes it’s final form

Maybe I will write more of this painting and the almost unbearable urge that drove me until it was on canvas. The urge is back and I suspect the need to speak with this imagery will be a constant for some time. In the story of this there are Aboriginal things, spirit things, visions and perhaps my own dreaming but I am uncomfortable putting that out there. The discomfort is doubly strong when it is based on one doubtful painting rather than a body of work.

I have actually been playing Thorns of War (below) lately and I love it. It is totally different from any online game I have played. I will put together a review of it in here soon!

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