After effects

Bad few days. Setting up the calendars and getting out to take photographs absolutely stripped all my energy. My body has been craving food and my head has been scattered with major memory failures.While I am so scattered I have been on a remote control eating bingeĀ  to try to get back energy (I guess) but with diabetes that is actually counter-productive.

Managed to get out and get groceries although I had to fight all day to find the energy. Today was spent in bed and mostly sleeping although now that I have really gone to bed to sleep I have insomnia. Very tired.

The plan was to quickly set up another calendar based around flowers but it needs a few more quality shots. I had it in mind to have them done by now but not being able to move much and all… Not a problem in one sense as it is the norm for me these days but a little frustrating. The idea will be to keep in mind that I am actually aiming at this work so I don’t spend several brain-dead months wondering what it was I had planned.

Lots of pain too. The weather is absolutely whipping back and forth between hot, cool wet and windy with one day being the hottest August day on record. Those kind of weather changes are hell on the broken bits. Constant headaches and migraines from the damaged neck, have one now. That is losing its fun value as well. Six hours of migraine where I was able to do little more than shiver and curl up in a ball was a part of the whole making of the calendars period. I guess it was as draining as anything else.

Getting through those calendars was a big event in a way and is keeping my spirits up despite the low moments. There have been some nice days and the trip to take the photographs along the patches of woods made some great images and put a smile on the dial as they say!

Cant face the slog of making paintings and drawings, setting up this tiny house for a drawing is a nightmare even if I wasnt constantly shagged (tired)

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