It’s been an extraordinary couple of weeks with several calendars online and the first work on show in Red Bubble.jumpingwithwasp

I am paying for all the effort with a massive dose of scatteredness and big chunks of absent-mindedness and depression. Bad enough to be scary.

One card has been ordered from the stuff on Red Bubble to ensure my processing will work on their images. Best do it now rather than wait until I find out lots of my stuff has sold and people are complaining about something I have forgotten to do. It is a good time to touch nothing anyway. Most of what I do will be wrecked. Among the extraordinary things over the last few weeks has been the discovery of three species of spider I have not recorded here before. Like the one in the pic at the top of the page. When I feel better I can work on identifying him…or her.

Bad weather is making the crash worse so I am verging on being a miserable wreck for much of the next few weeks. Remind myself not to sign contracts or cheques or make large expenditures for a few days at least. I tried to put sugar into the percolator already. Plugged in the toaster when I wanted to make tea. Carried a loaf of bread into the bathroom and left it on the top of the cistern. Nightmares have started as well. Things have been better lately as far as recovering goes so this may not last long but as I said it’s bad enough to be scary

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