Habitat destruction disaster


This was green with wandering jew

Firstly, too much time was spent riding about taking photos of the dunes near Weemala St. In a lot of pain. The neck in particular is becoming a worry as it takes over from the damaged hips and legs in the regularity with which it presents as a major pain center. I am very worried it will become a problem with the spinal chord. A bit desperate from the constant hurting, Depressed.

It has been a disastrous week when it should have been a pleasant entry into summer.

The lawn mower guys have used herbicide to make their lives easier with the edging and for some reason have included most of the spider habitats in their efforts. Quite large areas of the backyard are now dry and dead. All the new species I was so excited about finding seem to have disappeared and the entire yard is a fire zone filled with long dry grass and dead vines.

I can’t understand why they did it. If they had been planning on cleaning up shabby areas then you might expect them to have used a spray although you would also expect them to have notified us of the change in their intentions. You might even have expected them to clean up the dried mess they left. Why kill off everything? All that is left is my pot plants and some trees and that urban grassy desert.

What they have done is to literally slurp herbicide over wide areas of the garden and even over enclosed grassy areas and then just leave it to die.

No follow up and no notice to us. More than 75% of the spider species I have been studying for the last five years appear to have become locally extinct this week. It is crushing!

I went to the estate agent to ask if they had ordered it and they sent me to another office. That office had nothing to say about it and told me they would get the lawn mowing company to contact me but I waited all day and nobody rang so far. I really need to make sure it doesnt happen again, to see if I can get all the now dead plants cleaned up and find if there was any other chemicals suck as a bug poison in the mix they used

Resolved in “Magpies and Mowers” two entries forward

even the grassed enclosure is just dead grass

even the grassed enclosure is just dead grass

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