I am shocked. The estate agents have begun to try and get past me by contacting my community carers. I am not sure when I was supposed to have signed over all of my rights but I must have been asleep.

I sent Ray White Budgewoi an email suggesting that they contact me only. It also informed them that I pay the rent and until the agent or the community carers pay it, I am the person who is to be dealt with.

I can only assume that the agents have worked up such a burden of guilt that they cannot face me. I would have said nothing but there is jeopardy for both of them as well as me if the wrong information was to pass to the wrong people.

FURTHER NOTE: The agents have contacted me and it looks as though all is well and there has just been a miscommunication. Very glad!

New Blog

The Tribunal has asked that we play nice and for me to take anything derogatory off the site. I have agreed to that of course. This is a serious journal. It will be nice to be nice. Besides I have a thing for Wendy.

It is time to move over to the new blog. I have had problems updating software on blogs that have been around as long as this one. There are some functions I would like to have to access with as well so a new blog it will be. It is not quite complete but I cannot wait. The largest problem will be remembering where I put it and how to get in. Let me look…. Here it is, the address of the new one. click here.


koala011Good Morning Australia. Oh enemy of mine!

Fat verminous toads of despair sustained by a golden land that should have been filled with hope and charity. Rape the land and rip the people. Suck the swill from your bristles and hide behind your office.

Pain. My legs are just pain today and my whole soul wishes to sleep and rest and eat and think no more of the evil blight on my life. I awoke fighting back tears. During the night I was assailed by a nightmare of the days I was homeless on the streets and shores of the Central Coast. Those mornings I awoke cold and my injured body warped by pain. Several times I tried to take my life out of horror and despair. I was hungry. Walking to a place I could get food was a tormented effort and then back to a safe place to sleep.  Hiding by a public toilet or old house in the winter cold waiting until no one could see me limp the painful few feet out of sight and then to sleep on floor or sit upright on a toilet.

May you rot in the hell of a thousand butt-buggering telegraph poles all of you betrayers who call yourself my countrymen. May your blood and shit be ripped from your fat, greedy souls and sprayed across everything you care about as you have done to me. May all of the vulnerable you have betrayed use your face as a carpet to aid their walk through hell and the skin on your tongue as endless rolls of toilet paper for their unwashed and quivering buttocks. May you live to see your children betrayed and destroyed while your pleas fall on deaf ears and your hearts shrivel just like our parents and family do.

My curse upon you, you treacherous bastards.

And God Morning Australia. The picture to the right is a quicky. With it I give you the bird. Today I must pack and call people with homes I will not be able to rent in a country that has become treacherous and an incomprehensibly nasty shit hole.

Images and exhaustion

The blood suckers forget to even pretend they care what happens to us

The blood suckers forget to even pretend they care what happens to us

Tired now. Packing hurts. The part of the sites dedicated to showing a few of the body of works has been extended to a section on Grim City. I put them here

It has been a terrible day in many ways. The worst thing has telling people how badly we have been betrayed. Watching them process the information has been horrible. The look on their faces as they realise first that I was betrayed and then, if I cannot get protection, there is no protection for them either. Suddenly their world feels very fragile and unsafe. They cannot trust the people with the keys to their apartments and homes. They cannot trust the Tribunals and courts. They cannot trust the Police or the fire brigade. They have been listening to my story and even though I have told a lot less of it than has occurred they knew. There were witnesses to all of this. As I pack my life and all my projects fall to dust and my work is wasted and my health declines they see themselves trudging this painful way.

They take a moment to look into the real estate websites across Australia. They refused to believe me when I told them how hard it is to get somewhere suitable. They refused to believe that someone could do this sort of thing to a person with my handicaps. Their mouths fell open in horror when they heard what the Tribunal has done. Now they know. They thought they had to do something wrong to get their leases cancelled and tenancies terminated. Now they know they just have to be less than nice to their estate agents. Watching the realisation travel through their minds has been uncomfortable for me. Watching the guilty relief on the few who own homes has been embarrassing. Listening to the conversations about declining places in caravan parks and how little consideration a government must have to allow that and other things. It has been a sombre day. I like these people and I feel as though I have darkened their lives. That must be the final irony. Those people they were feeling sorry for on TV could become them at the drop of a hat and there is nothing any of them can do to stop it.

First efforts

There have been a couple of possible new addresses I could try. I am not sure I can stretch the budget though. A couple of applications are in there and the people are aware of the situation. One woman says she has already contacted Ray White for a reference about me. Wow people move fast!

Ray White gave me a good reference!. That is great and very important. Moving can be a huge drain on anyone and having the support of an agent as I have from these guys will make life so much easier

It means I have to do a bit more on the blogs. I am only able to work slowly  through them as I am packing and looking and not real well. At the moment I am just chucking a few things behind passwords as I go through all the entries. That will save some time and let me get things off line without using up all the time it takes to rewrite them immediately. Nice, the sun is out today as well but I need to stop and sleep for a while. Not too well after the big day yesterday and last night

The Tenant

I have started and stopped three posts in this section so far tonight. I am too tired and ill to really get my teeth into the things I want to cover but I am burning to make a record of what I believe I have seen and the very devastating holes in the net of tenancy protection in NSW which is the only state I can comment on.

I would like to make an analysis of all that has gone on over the last five to seven months with regard to this tenancy. Once again the position opens to the place where I am forced to be some kind of whistle blower just to talk about what has been happening and I am arrogant enough to resent that and the backlash it will bring while I am il.

At this time of night and this mood I might suggest that the latest version of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 No 42 has been cut down to slice away a great deal of the already limited and complex protections earlier legislators tried to provide tenants..

The Police have absolute contempt for the Act where it covers the tenant’s rights although they enforce agent’s and landlord’s rights with great passion apparently because the Police are themselves home owners or becoming home owners and have contempt for those who were unable to earn wages or salaries of enough capacity to become landed. There are other related reasons of course. Several of them. Local Police often went to school with agents and land lords in their age groups. They are in the same community organisations and lodges. Every officer, in every Police station is living somewhere and their homes are rented or sold to them by agent’s. Often those agents and landlords are people who they grew up alongside, party with and may be family to.

Many of the river of tenants flowing about the countryside in this period of history make up the great migration of people driven out of cities and then suburbs by gentrification, rising costs of rent and buying and demolition or sale of public housing. They certainly have no similar protection from the people they must deal with in their new towns. The person whose mind immediately flicks to the sight of a house with all the walls busted and the carpet with feces on it might see a monstrous tenant although rather than showing a tenant of great evil it may show a place where a tenant has had no other outlet to display their despair at an unfair deal.Do you want to pull me up and say”So you agree with…” I say to you kiss my hairy backside, you are playing with words and I am not a polite person in your local debating group.

The Tribunal are unable to run timely hearings although we will get into that in the more detailed analysis. The Tribunal are also unable to ensure that the act is enforced. The fact is that the nature of the Tribunal and it’s members is such that the tenant is at a serious disadvantage before they ever cross the threshold. The usual kind of tenant flooding through the tribunal hearings is poorer and less educated and often unable to meet the requirements for the provision of evidence or even for a standard of clothing that would see them on an equal ranking as estate agents and land lords. The people I saw as I exited the tribunal building today looked terrified and hungry and I hope the Tribunal was able to assist them. I am sure it does great good most of the time. My points, I hope, are more in the nature of plugging holes before they bleed too many people.

The problems with Police are systemic. They will always be there and while I know the Police are not creating the situation it is one very powerful reason for certain kinds of very energetic oversight. This week I have seen Police and their advocates very comfortable with behaviour that drew my mind back to the corrupt land grabs of the 1970s. The casual disregard of certain people and the open protection of others is looming towards becoming corruption. I have said before that when I speak of Police in this manner I am aware that the corruption I am speaking about is not an intentional criminal enterprise but something any of us would find ourselves doing in the circumstances. I thought one way of dealing with the perception and limiting the opportunity might be to use some form of Police Housing service that deals with the agents on behalf of officers although nothing can change the old connections made during childhood

The Members of the Tribunal are as fair as they can be but themselves are well paid and from a different class and culture. The Tribunal deals with so many vicious disputes that it is inclined to overlook some crimes and cruelty to get an outcome that will still the waters, that is as it should be but the agents I have seen lately have flown high and in plain sight while they trampled all over the act and the law and its many parts. The tribunal I saw could even have placed itself in the situation where it faces accusations of impropriety. The way cases were extended out long beyond reasonable periods by Members handing out piecemeal orders and decrees and then punished the applicant by pressuring them about lengthy periods they were in no position to do anything about. There have to be limits to what is being overlooked in the interests of smooth water and fair dealing.  I have said elsewhere that the places people live in are not doll houses and the people are not coolies or vassals. Where someone has met the requirements of the act and the law and is still being treated badly there has to be better outcomes. To put another thought bluntly. The home owner who rents their house out should be made aware that the humans in the house are not casual subjects to be ejected just because they owner had itchy nuts this morning. I was ejected over my pressing of my rights as a tenant which is my right and placed in a position in the  Tribunal where there was no chance of a fair hearing.

Anyway I will sleep on it if it will let me and cough up some more fluff balls of thought in the morning.